Fortaleza 2020

fortaleza_01 fortaleza_02 fortaleza_03 fortaleza_04 fortaleza_05 fortaleza_06 fortaleza_07 fortaleza_08 fortaleza_09 fortaleza_10 fortaleza_11 fortaleza_12 fortaleza_13 fortaleza_14 fortaleza_15 fortaleza_16 fortaleza_17 fortaleza_18 fortaleza_19 fortaleza_20 fortaleza_21 fortaleza_22 fortaleza_23 fortaleza_24 fortaleza_25 fortaleza_26

Here is a project by Guilherme Villar, a senior at the Department of Graphic Design in Virginia Commonwealth University. He elaborate a fictional identity for the 2020 Olympic Games  for the city of Fortaleza in northern Brazil.

An identity system was created around the primary and secondary logos which emerged from the concept of unity and the environment. The diagonal rectangles can be seen as fanning out from its center to take the circular shape of the sun, or windmill. They can also be seen as coming together, overlapping, and uniting. My goal was to combine both the philosophy of the Olympics games and the qualities, traits, and characteristics particular of Fortaleza.

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