AKQA Offices

AKQA Paris

akqa_office_01 akqa_office_02 akqa_office_03 akqa_office_04 akqa_office_05 akqa_office_06 akqa_office_07 akqa_office_08 akqa_office_09

AKQA New-York


AKQA Berlin

akqa_office_11 akqa_office_12 akqa_office_13 akqa_office_14 akqa_office_15

AKQA Londonakqa_office_16 akqa_office_17

AKQA Amsterdamakqa_office_18akqa_office_32

AKQA San Franciscoakqa_office_19 akqa_office_20 akqa_office_21 akqa_office_22 akqa_office_23 akqa_office_24 akqa_office_25 akqa_office_26AKQA Shanghai

akqa_office_28 akqa_office_29

AKQA Washington D.C akqa_office_30 akqa_office_31


AKQA is one of the most successful « advertising » company over the last few years. They have opened beautiful offices around the world, they put on their facebook page some picture of these. I especially love the Parisian office, I pass in front of this office every day, and now I almost regret to know that the interior is so beautiful.

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  1. Raphaelle says:

    Hey there,

    The Amsterdam office actually just moved to an even more exciting building.
    It’s like a dream! So spacious and so beautiful.

    R x.

  2. AKQA Paris says:

    Hey dude

    Thanks a lot for sharing our photos!
    You’re more then welcome to swing by for a cup of coffee next time you pass us.

    / AKQA Paris.

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