Berg Restaurant

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I love this german agency, lsdk and Modularlab (you can see their other work on New Grids), they always design good stuff. This time, they realized a nice branding for a restaurant located in Sttugart.

The stylized imprint of a wine glass enfoldes the geometrical majuscule Letters of the Restaurants Name „BERG“, a reference to the owners reputation as a sommelier aswell as to the focus of the Restaurant. Main colours are a bright, vivid orange and a distinguished cool gray. Business cards and 500 invitations are refined with hand embossed gold foil stickers. Their envelopes are sealed with the emblem on a golden sealing wax. Menu and the list of beverages have a blind embossing on their wrapping which is made of Toile-du-Marais-Linen.



  • Reply July 7, 2014

    Mark Milic

    This was also done with my agency. LSDK is now ADDA and my agency Modularlab.



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