Soji by Unomatudo

soji_ unomatudo_01 soji_ unomatudo_02 soji_ unomatudo_03 soji_ unomatudo_04 soji_ unomatudo_05 soji_ unomatudo_06 soji_ unomatudo_07 soji_ unomatudo_08 soji_ unomatudo_09 soji_ unomatudo_10 soji_ unomatudo_11

Let me introduce the Soji collection of containers and household items is designed by the Japanese studio Mute and produced by Unomatudo. It perfectly blends traditional methods of Yamanaka-Shikki (Japanese lacquerware & woodcarving dating back to the 16th century) with high-end modern design cues. Soji collection is handcrafted by artisans in Yamanaka, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.

The Soji collection that includes canister and stacking case is only available on the Monosquare website, a nice shop that curated online collection that combines traditional and modern products from Japan. I also suggest you, to take a look at the Nuts bowl made by Teori.

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