Semaphor / Oblique Dominoes

semaphor_oblique_dominoes_01 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_02 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_03 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_04 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_05 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_06 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_07 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_08 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_09 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_10 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_12 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_13 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_14 semaphor_oblique_dominoes_15

Here is a wonderful set of dominoes designed after a collaboration between Graphical House and Derek Welsh Studio. I love an agency works in every detail of a project, like the completions of a leather bag, or a poster to represent the game.

Dominoes reflect many principles of design: grid structures, graphic marks, numeric systems.



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