Pentawards 2012

Here are the results of the Pentawards 2012 located this year in Paris in the living room of the Grand Hôtel Intercontinental in Paris with Sleever as partner. I made my own selection among the winners, but you can find attached the complete list of winners.

Check the Pentawards 2011 list to compare.

Voici les résultats du concours des Pentawards 2012 situé cette année à Paris dans les salons du Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris avec pour partenaire Sleever. J’ai fait ma petite sélection parmi les vainqueurs, mais vous pouvez trouver ci-joint la liste complète des gagnants.

Jetez un oeil au résultat des Pentawards 2011 pour comparer le niveau.


Pentaward Diamond

Brand: Diet Coke
Agency: Turner Duckworth
Country: USA

Pentaward Platinium


Brand: Nescafé
Agency: Phoenix
Country: South Korea

Brand: Eggs for Soldiers
Agency: Springetts
Country: United Kingdom


Brand: Etude House
Agency: Etude
Country: South Korea


Brand: Fisherman 
Agency: Good
Country: Kazakstan


Brand: Bardot
Agency: Landor
Country: USA

Pentaward Gold

Brand: Badoit
Agency: BETC Design
Country: France


Brand: 338
Agency: Infinito
Country: Peru


Brand: Miller64
Agency: Soulsight
Country: USA


Brand: lagios wine – Ktima Biblia Chora Wines
Agency: Beetroot
Country: Greece

MBrand: Greenhook Ginsmiths
Agency: Threebrand
Country: United Kingdom


Brand: 365
Agency: Lavernia & Cienfuegos
Country: Spain


Brand: Qizini
Agency: Brand New
Country: Netherland


Brand: Hatziyiannakis Dragees
Agency: Mousegraphics
Country: Greece


Brand: Morrisons Supermarket
Agency: Coley Porter Bell
Country: United Kingdom


Brand: Lanvin
Agency: Centdegrés
Country: France


Brand: Truett Hurst Dry Creek Valley – VML
Agency: Stranger & Stranger
Country: USA


Brand: Five Olive Oil
Agency: Designers United
Country: Greece


Brand: Gogol mogol
Agency: Kian Branding Agency
Country: Russia


Brand: Mathilde Solanet (Student)
School: CAD – College of Advertising & Design
Country: Belgium


Pentaward Silver

Brand: Cielito Querido Cafe
Agency: Cadena + Asociados Branding
Country: Mexico

Brand: Laughing Man Worldwide
Agency: Established
Country: USA

Brand: Mateo & Bernabe and friends
Agency: Moruba
Country: Spain

Brand: Truett Hurst Dry Creek Valley – Dearly Beloved
Agency: Stranger & Stranger
Country: USA

Brand: Stranger & Stranger – Spirit No. 13
Agency: Stranger & Stranger
Country: USA

Brand: BIOKIA – Wild Berries
Agency: Win Win Branding
Country: Finland

Brand: Waitrose
Agency: Pearlfisher
Country: United Kingdom

Brand: Rong Zi
Agency: Shenzhen Excel Package Co., Ltd.
Country: China

Brand: Stiga
Agency: Stiga Sports
Country: Sweden

Brand: Ballantine’s – 40 Year Old
Agency: Nude Brand Creation
Country: United Kingdom



Brand: Habit
Student: Morey Reed Talmor (Student)
School: Shenkar School of Engineering and Design
Country: Israel


Pentaward Bronze

Brand: Aqua Monaco
Agency: Timo Thurner
Country: Germany


Brand: Longview Vineyard – ‘The Piece’
Agency: Voice
Country: Australia


Brand: Clan Campbell – 4 elements
Agency: The Brand Union Paris
Country: France


Brand: The Food Doctor
Agency: Pearlfisher
Country: United Kingdom


Brand: WOMEN’SECRET – Fragrances
Country: Spain


Agency: Designers United
Country: Greece


Brand: Livraria Cultura
Agency: Casa Rex
Country: Brazil

I think the level is slightly better than last year, but I am always agaped by the amount of award with regard to the quality of some works, which often don’t even deserve to be presented.

I would like to say thank you to the Greek agencies, to show to the rest of the world that despite the crisis, we can make beautiful things

Je pense que le niveau est légèrement meilleurs que celui de l’an dernier, cependant je suis toujours très étonné par la quantité de prix décerné en regard de la qualité de certain travaux, qui souvent ne méritent même pas d’être présenté.

Je voudrais dire merci aux agences Grec, de montrer au reste du monde que malgrè la crise, on peut faire de belle choses

Here is the ranking and the difference between 2011: 1 award = 1point

United Kingdom : 43 (+7 awards)
France : 35 (+9 awards)
USA : 27 (-9 awards)
Japan:12 (-9 awards)
South Korea : 10
Netherlands : 10
Greece : 8
China : 8
Belgium : 7
Norway, Russia, Germanany : 6


  • Reply October 10, 2012


    No money in Greece but many ideas and many prices.

    I like too the “special prize Bic” for dog..

    and both project about eggs (produit oublié de nos supermarchés)

  • Reply October 8, 2013

    beverly Clark

    I love the Ciroc ‘glorifier’. Do you sell those? If so, how larger are they?

    How much for 50 or 100?

    Also, how long to produce?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,


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