When We Build – Wilson Miner

This talk by Wilson Miner, is one of the most inspiring talk I ever seen, it changed my vision of lot of things about my work, my life purpose and how I can reach it. I hope it’s gonna be the same for you.

We shape out tools
And thereafter
Our tools shape us
Marshall McLuhan

Wilson Miner is the designer who works on the biggest redesign of Apple.com and who actually working at Facebook.

The car shaped our environment on the 20th century, in this huge tectonic way. I don’t think is a stretch to say that the screen would be as important to shaping our environment in the 21th century, because on those screens is pretty important, is the things that we choose to surrounding ourself to shape who we become.

We’re not just making pretty interface.
We’re actually in the process of building an environment, who our we’ll spend the most part of our time for the rest of our life.
We’re the designer.
We’re the builders.



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