August, 2012


William Branton

  William Branton has a special obsession with patterns, but he’s also a great young graphic designer, and if you take a peek on his other works, you’ll discover that his business cards aren’t an…



Admire this beautiful color and  this some really cool illustrations for this non-profit organization for kids. Nine10Eleven was created for Mollie and Andrew by the studio RoAndCo, on their wedding day. A branding for two events, it’s rather unusual. Admirez cette superbe…


Six Degrees

This is a nice brazilian branding for a party at the Lions Nightclub in Sao Paulo. A great identity made by Campo.


Chin Chin

  Chin Chin is a Asian restaurant located in Melbourne. The studio Project Of Imagination designed an identity that reflect the “tongue-in-cheek, youthful pop-culture attitude” of the place. They also developped a branding for the Chin Chin’s sultry…


How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience

Who hasn’t dreamed to launch its own company, especially when you working in the advertising world and you should help to sell some bad designed stuff. Well, it’s the Abe Burmeister‘s story, former graphic designer…


Leaf on Bold Street

  Leaf on Bold Street is an independent tea shop and bar in Liverpool. Four years ago they were a simple tea shop in a warehouse, but with the help of their design agency SB Studio,…


Götgatan Stories

 A swedish branding means simplicity, clear and geometric. As you can guess, Götgatan Stories is a swedish brand branded by the studio BVD. A black and white code color was choose and only the necessary information are present… as…


Save as Google

  Here is one of the very cool works by Martin Oberhäuser, a german graphic designer. This is an infographic about the personal data collected by Google. Voici l’un des très bon travaux réalisés par Martin Oberhäuser,…



Here is an excellent idea for a Japanese restaurant by SAVVY Studio. I’ve never seen before the utilisation of neon for a gastronomic restaurant, but here, the agency found a perfect path between the modern…


Spark in 60

Here is a simple but quite smart project called “Spark in 60“. It’s just short videos with a talk by people from the New York creative community on objects or thoughts they care about….


Francesco Franchi

  Francesco Franchi is an incredible Italian Art Director who worked since 2008 for the Italian magazine  IL – Intelligence in lifestyle. His work for the newspaper receive a nomination from the D&AD. Francesco Franchi est un incroyable directeur…


99% Behance Conference

Recently, the website Behance 99% has changed his name for Behance 99U, but go back to the last branding created by the Behance team, composed by Raewyn Brandon, Jocelyn K. Glei and Matias Corea. If you love the New Grids sunday videos,…


Parish Hall

Parish Hall is a nice restaurant interior located in Brooklyn, it was designed by Joseph Foglia. The whole interior is very minimalist to be able to focus only on the food,  that is remain the most important……