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Here is one of the most beautiful products I have seen for a long time. This brilliant espresso machine was made by Arvid Häusser, a student from « Bauhaus Universität Weimar« . This design is successful in many points: at first concerning the choice of the materials, the porcelain is famous for its high thermal storage, neutrality in taste and antiseptic. Secondly the design was thought to be space-saving and especially easy to use and to understand. A very good hand-crafted work which leads me to believe that objects creation is a demanding exercise and trainer.

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  1. Tout dépend ce que l’on entend par design réussi. Dieter Rams : « Good design is less design ». David Lewis : « Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form. » Etc…
    Personnellement j’apprécie surtout le petit tube en caoutchouc noir.

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